As a Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint Associate Certified professional, I am highly skilled in creating visually compelling presentations that showcase data, marketing, and technical information. I have designed custom PowerPoint decks for diverse industries, including entertainment, medical/biotechnology, banking, investment, retail etc. My advanced mastery of PowerPoint features, such as master slides, animations, charts, graphs, reports, and keyboard shortcuts, allows me to create engaging presentations from scratch that align with any brand or style. Trust me to deliver captivating presentations that effectively convey your message and engage your audience. “Your Vision Is My Mission.”

Client pitch deck for ManPartsGrooming

My client is an actor in the entertainment and film industry, with a focus on action shows. He wanted to create a men’s product that would remain effective throughout the day, particularly in high-stress situations. Additionally, he wanted the product to be health-conscious, safe, and organic. To bring this vision to life, he developed an exfoliating soap and powder. I had the opportunity to try these products myself and I found them to be of excellent quality. My experience with the products helped me to create his logo and branding for the project. I was responsible for developing all aspects of the packaging, including the color scheme and copy. I also designed his e-commerce website and crafted a PowerPoint presentation for potential investors.

Revamped company pitch deck

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